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A underground cult from the European cult capitol Trondheim. Feared by the police and the citizens. Consists of 5-10 people, all experts in stealth. They bers on and in other people. They are responible for the largest religion-related scandal in north-european history, where they took a bers on Scandinavias largest Cathedral situated in Trondheim and also the bishops, priests and visitors.
Look, it's one of those trønders, run before we'll have bers all over our clits and cocks!
by CockflexXx October 05, 2004
Comes from urban, post-modern, new-wave slang from Trondheim. Means "decomposed faggot" in Norwegian slang. One rarely used word in high societies, most commonly used by the obscene peoples in closed communities
That guy Børge is such a boppe
by CockflexXx September 23, 2004
When someone is going to take a shit, they say: "brb, i have to bers". A very local word, used mostly by trønders.
Can I bers in your mouth
by CockflexXx October 05, 2004

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