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slang term for cocaine
nick rode his bike to west first avenue to get some shneed.
by COBRA OPERATED June 09, 2009
To do what ever your doing at the moment moving
Murphy- "Hey Elijah, you wanna get me a forty?"

Elijah-"Yea. You wanna walk to the store with me?"

Murphy-"Yea. Let's do it movin!"
by Cobra Operated June 24, 2010
another term used for "Would You?" have sex with a girl
Aaron-"look at that girl over there!"

Jordan-"oh i see her"

Aaron-"wood glue?"

Jordan-"hell yea!"
by Cobra Operated June 24, 2010
a swamp donkey is a really disgusting girl. usually very slutty,dirty and poor.
Jay-tee said " i hella want pussy, i think im going to call Jen."

Murphy replied " but she's a swamp donkey!"
by COBRA OPERATED June 09, 2009
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