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A Preggusus is a incredibly hot woman that has children or is pregnant in early stages. The level of hotness is beyond normal standards, thus the comparison to the mythical beast Pegasus.
Example of preggusus not needed.
by CobbySquared January 05, 2012
A Sextination is a designated place to have sex. It is a private lair that you convince or lure the opposite sex into.
I have a Sextination in mind for her. Whether it's my bed or the back of my Dodge Shadow.
by CobbySquared January 19, 2012
The stupid and embarrassingly lame things people draw on bathroom stalls, walls, desks, picnic tables etc. Includes Conversations, drawings and jokes.
Gaffetti is any one of these and more, drawn or carved into public places:

4:20, Pot Leaves, Swastikas, Penises, Crappy Gang Signs, Crude Drawings, Conversations.
by CobbySquared July 07, 2011

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