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1. A song by the 60's song artist Donovan. The song's influence was from a short-lived rumor that a euphoric high could be reached by smoking banana leaves. The song became very popular in the late nineties after a cover was made for a series of Gap clothing commercials.

2. A Coca-Cola product with high caffeine and citrus flavor; not related to banana leaves at all.
1. (lyrics)- "...electrical banana, it's gonna be a sudden craze..."

1. (ex.)- "Did you see that Gap commercial? Who sings that 'mellow yellow' song?"

2. (ex)- "Wow, have you tried this mellow yellow stuff? It's like Surge, but new!"
by Coqui August 12, 2005
An excuse to drink beer], with races usually boring and long in length, gratified only by the cataclysmic crashes observed by inebreiated white people].

Simplified to turning left over and over again, it is the most retarded] type of racing.

NASCAR also has an innumberable amount of official sponsors, from Dominos] to Best Western].
Bob: "Hey, it's been 342 laps, don't you think this NASCAR race has gotten a bit repetitive?"

Jim: "Hell no! My moneh sez #4 is gonna crash and burn!"
by Coqui November 10, 2005
Grammar Nazi
Someone who believes it's their duty to attempt to correct any grammar and/or spelling mistakes they observe. Usually found hanging around Irc chatrooms hounding "n00bs".
Well at least you can spell dyslexic correctly.
by CoQui June 07, 2012

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