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To curse out or put in one's place
Yo, I heard Monique scratched out that Bitch yesterday for talking shit about her!

by CoCo Blaze November 02, 2007
A Teeny Weeny Dick,Someone that is an asshole, A small joint
or blunt
Girl don't fuck him, I heard he's got a twick!
I hate my Boss he is such a twick!
We need a roach clip to smoke this twick
by CoCo Blaze November 02, 2007
Someone who has smoked too many cigerettes or blunts and
has acquired bad dull smoked out skin and black lips.
Dat Bitch look terrible she has such a smoke face.

by CoCo Blaze November 02, 2007
A form of coin or paper currency
I'm gonna hit the streets to get make dis scratch! Girl I'm tryin to get with him he's got dat scratch!

by CoCo Blaze November 02, 2007
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