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The phenomenon of a vagina, labia, or clitoris that smells like a dead trout or maybe even a fart. It's is never pleasant to stick your face in, leaves a stink on your fingers for weeks, and usually leaves a little something in your room/bed sheets for a day or two...or more. Common of soccer and hockey players.
I hate the smell of crotchrot. Close your legs, I'm going to vomit.
by Clutterbuck December 22, 2003
A swift yet harmless whack to the top of someone's head using the "karate chop" hand formation. Performed when the perpetrator has said something retarded or made an ass or themseleves in any way. Must be accompanied by the word "peeb" at all times.
Punishment by law for asking a question that stupid is 20 peebs...I'm sorry m'am, it's the law.
by Clutterbuck December 22, 2003

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