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A type of motorcycle helmet that enables motorcycle riders to be in compliance with the law where helmets are required, but offers inadequate protection, about that of a bicycle helmet
When he wrecked his motorcycle, he still got his face scraped up and his jaw broken because he was only wearing a brain bucket instead of a full face helmet
by Cloudchaser Sakonige April 11, 2010
Becoming famous through people making fun of your terrible material. Refers to the the awful song and music video "Friday" by Rebecca Black that went viral in March of 2011
His music is awful! He's only famous because of the Rebecca Black effect
by Cloudchaser Sakonige March 22, 2011
When something is of no consequence to one's self and therefore no need to worry about it.
I don't agree with his beliefs, but they do no harm to me and so it's no fur off my tail
by Cloudchaser Sakonige October 09, 2010
Hitting your head. Refers to the taping of the Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien on Friday, September 25 2009 when Conan slipped, fell and hit his head hard enough to cause a mild concussion (he was back on the job the following Monday)
I was running when I tried to stop on wet tile. My feet came out from under me and I did a Conan
by Cloudchaser Sakonige October 08, 2009
When something fails in a spetacular way that usually only happens when induced by the TV show Mythbusters.
That top fuel dragster's engine didn't just blow, it exploded like a bomb. It was a total Mythbusters fail
by Cloudchaser Sakonige May 12, 2010

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