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This act takes place within one evening ( perhaps a party in most cases) , and involves two guys and one girl. First guy #1 bags this trash-barrel whore, then guy #2 has his shot and then finally guy #1 comes back for one last go. Thus serving 2 non-consecutive terms!
"At a frat party"
Guy#2 "Mark" : Hey "Joe", you won't believe it, I just fucked that skank Judy 10 mins ago!

Guy#1 "Joe": Nice dude, I fucked her at the beginning of the party!

Guy#2 "Mark" : Wait, what?!? Goddamit! That's why she was so sloppy and loose, that fucking bitch!! UGH!!!

Guy#1 "Joe" : Eh fuck it, you pussy. I'm going back for round 2!

Guy#2 "Mark" : You're a regular motherfuckin' Grover Cleveland!
by Clockworkmike June 27, 2010

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