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(Microsoft use) A software (mostly operating system) under development, being installed and widely tested on the developers' machines, running with critical and everyday-use applications.

Term derives from "Eating your own dogfood". Also used in the form "dogfooding".
"So what about the new Windows?"
"We are dogfooding and it runs smooth. "
by Clockmaster June 05, 2003
In an wordFPS game, killing an enemy player from behind, often after some following. Since the enemy does not know about the threat and thus becames an easy prey. Considered as lame behavior.
Stop assrunning and start to play, wordnoob!
by Clockmaster June 05, 2003
A player in an wordFPS game who performs wordassrunning (killing enemies from behind, running after their ass). Play this way and you will be entitled by other playmates on the server as a stinking lamer.
OMFG we have an assrunner here. Kickvote him!
by Clockmaster June 05, 2003
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