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Articles or videos online (prevalently in the blogosphere) that mainly talk about the collapse of either the financial world or the

world in its entirety. People can develop a fascination/addiction reading about this stuff (much like people who watch regular porn).
Just read an article over at <popular, bleeding edge financial website> to read about how the dollar is going to take a shit. I had to get my doom porn fix for the day.
#gold #silver #dollar #apocalypse #great depression
by cloaked September 21, 2013
-The asshole of all assholes.

-An asshole who is more of an asshole than any other asshole you've ever met.
Greg: Hah! Remember that girl you were trying to ask out for the longest time? I fucked her last night.

Fred: Fuck you Greg! You're a first class ass, you know that!?
#first class ass #asshole #dick #prick #jackass
by Cloaked June 20, 2012
Not being able to sell something; product, item, service, etc. for a long period of time. (Can be retail sales or personal ad sales)

(Similar to a writer's block, but in relation to sales.)
I haven't been able to sell my iPod on Craigslist for 1 month now! I must be having a seller's block.
#seller's #block #seller #sale #sell #craigslist #threads #ads #personals #classifieds
by Cloaked September 16, 2010
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