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Shwaffle is a word of Dutch origin that is used as an alternative to the phrase Tea-Bagging. It refers to the act of placing ones balls onto an unsuspecting persons head.
"Haha Rob, I Shwaffled you good!"
by Clive Meanderson February 05, 2010
Shwaft is the name given to the draft felt during a Shwaffle. Shwaffle being the act of placing balls on an unsuspecting person's head (also know as Tea Bagging).
"Wow, the guy made a big Shwaft, he must be hung like a Goader's Staarky!"
by Clive Meanderson February 04, 2010
Having just relieved yourself in your hand; the act of then throwing your spunk across the room in the exact motion that Spiderman would release a web from his wrist.
Rob: 'I'm going out with this slaggy girl, she loves it when I Spiders web in her face'
by Clive Meanderson March 19, 2010

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