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The combination of sweat, and vaginal discharge that collects in and around a girls vagina after any strenuous exercise, usually a night of dancing at a club.

This combination of fluids creates a liquid so sour, it can literally dissolve the tastebuds right off your tongue!!

See. groin juice
Dude, i just went down on that chick in the bathrooms and now i cant feel my tongue!! That was some serious battery acid!!
by Clinton Howes February 21, 2008
A girl that is notorious for being promiscuous, and has a nasty tasting mouth.
Hooking up with a sletbek will almost certainly give you a horshbek.
1)That chick has sucked 4 guys cocks tonight... there is no way im kissing that sletbek!!
by Clinton Howes February 20, 2008
The fluid that collects on and around a guys dick, gooch, and anus after any strenuous exercise.

This swetty liquid, combined with a little cock cheese will make one sick dirty sanchez

See. battery acid
1) if you say one more word i swear im gonna get you with the filthiest GROIN JUICE SANCHEZ ever!!

2)Oh Shit!! I cant believe you just wiped your groin juice on my mouth! You sick mother fucker!!
by Clinton Howes February 21, 2008
Derived from the words "Whore" and "Bek" (mouth). This combination is used to describe a filthy taste in ones mouth. Imagine the taste in a whores mouth after a long nights work.
1)I shouldn't have kissed that silly bitch, she gave me one killer horshbek!!

2)After Katie gave Tom a "Rusty Trombone" she realized that she had contracted one-helluva horshbek!

by Clinton Howes February 20, 2008
Using your shit, and your bum cheeks to create beautiful shapes.

The most common artworks are beautiful Butterflies.

To create these works of art all you need to do is to push a relatively long turd, but before you cut the turtle, you need to stand up straight and mash your bum cheeks together.
This traps the turd between your bum cheeks and forms symmetrical Wing like shapes on both sides.

To see your work of art all you do is bend over in front of a mirror, spread your cheeks and enjoy your art!!
Son - Hey mom, you should have seen the beautiful butterfly i made at school today.
Mom - oh thats nice, why didn't you bring it home to show me?
Son - because all the other kids complained that i stink too much!!!
Mom - What do you mean?
Son - Its BUM-ART mom.
by Clinton Howes February 21, 2008
Verb. flicking the sphinkter anus of the girl you are having sex with.
While screwing doggy-style, flick the girls unsuspecting "brown eye" to send a shock-wave through her body. This causes her vagina to tighten and increases pleasure for the guy. The girl will experience some discomfort.
Warning: performing the mudflap will result in future trust issues!!
Travis: my chick was such a bitch today!
Kev: so are you gonna dump her?
Travis: No way, Im gonna give her such a mudflap tonight!!
by Clinton Howes February 20, 2008
An extremely cool, but difficult way to take a shit.

A moses is when you are freeing the "Egyptians" ... but just before they leave their "prison" you need to flush the toilet. This symbolises the parting of the seas. It is only a true MOSES if they hit a dry toilet bowl, and are then taken away to safety by the returning seas.

Your friends may claim to have pulled a perfect moses, but if there is any scepticism you can always tell by the larger than normal skid mark left on the bottom of the bowl.

This is an extremely difficult move to pull... your timing is critical!
1)WOW!! Look at that skid-mark, that was definately a legend that dropped that MOSES!!

2)WOOOOO!HOOOOO! I just landed my first true-MOSES! A picture of that shits definately going on the net!!
by Clinton Howes February 21, 2008

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