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1. A sexual act; only able to be performed in total darkness.
The male penetrates the female's vagina with an object that resembles a penis (dildo, cucumber, banana, etc.); while doing so, the male makes loud and convincing "grunts" and "moans."
Within minutes, the male then suddenly falls out of the bed and "screams," leaving the penis-like object inside of the female.
When performed correctly, the female will panic, scream, and in some occasions faint, thinking the male's penis has "fallen off."

2. A male who has leprosy, and whose penis can literally detach.
1. "No, Cherise didn't get beat up last night. Clint just pulled the detachable penis on her, and she fainted right into the headboard."

2. "Jesus Christ!" <runs from the bedroom>
by Clint & Cherise October 27, 2005
1. A male who is so confused with his own sexuality, he washes his penis with a small plastic water bottle.

2. A combination of a douchebag and a dickweed.
1. "Man that fag was so drunk! What a douchedick!"
2. "After seeing the way he drives, I have determined he is a complete douchedick."
by Clint & Cherise October 27, 2005

1. During sexual intercourse, while assuming the missionary or doggie-style position, the male cums and simultaneously cuts a huge fart while lighting it with a match.
Good for an extra inch or two.
"After Jeremy lit an afterburner, all hell broke loose at the Chi-Alpha Homecoming orgy."
by Clint & Cherise October 27, 2005
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