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1. Out here on the plains buffalo are still called bison, so when they cross with moose they are called Moosin which is not unlike the muffalo found in Western Minnesota.

2. Any non-stereotypical cross between animals or events.
Don't shoot the moosin; it is an endangered species.

They have been moosin around since high school.
by Cliff Clavin - Cheers March 27, 2008
When moose and buffalo mate, the offspring will either look like a buffalo or moose depending on the dominent species with one exception; the beard that you see on the moose is relocated to the rear end of the offspring thus they are called muffalo. (see also Moosin).
From back here, I'd say that animal looks like a muffalo.
But, don't shoot it - they'er out of season.
by Cliff Clavin - Cheers March 27, 2008

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