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Peaced is a state-of-being. It is a feeling that you get after a really good high. It is most commonly paired with the description of "It's like I'm high, but I'm as sharp as a pin.".

Currently, as I type this, I am almost peaced myself. I'm just getting through the stages of being high as fuck, and am passing into the stages of mellow, and dull, soon after that I will be peaced.
Stoner 1 - "Duuuuuude... ... ...are you peeeaced, maan?
Stoner 2 - "He, ha, ha... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... yeah-man ... I'm peaced."
Stoner 1 - "Sweeeet, maa- ... ... *snore* *SNORE* *snore*

by Click Weiler October 04, 2008
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