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Decent IRC program that Linux and Mac users whine about because it started on Windows.

It's primary flaw is that you are required to look at the programmer's hideous face everytime you start the program.
The creator of mIRC gets a little uglier with each passing version.
by Clayborne Harris March 31, 2004
3rd year highschool freshman that has a permenant scar on his forehead from being hit repeatedly with a shelf at an early age. Has below average intelligence, and lives in mortal fear of all shelves. See Also: Pole Boy
Shelf Boy is a retard.
by Clayborne Harris March 31, 2004
Game company that ignores their excellent Snatcher series in favor of the inferior MGS, primarily because it appeals more to idiot American fanboys who watch DBZ.
These fanboys, along with their faggy DDR playing counterparts, are now Konami's primary source of income.
The only really good series this company still has is Silent Hill.
Konami used to be hardcore.
by Clayborne Harris March 31, 2004
Ghetto ass PC game that runs at 5fps, even on the latest hardware. Only played by lamers. See Cameron
Gothic II fucked my computer up!
by Clayborne Harris March 31, 2004
(The Continuing Story of) Buffalo Bill.
Hands down the worst song on The White Album, besides Revolution 9, which isn't really a song.
When you hear Wild Honey Pie end, you must quickly advance to the next track (While My Guitar Gently Weeps) before your gag reflex kicks in.
The Continuing Story of Buffalo Bill is a shitty song.
by Clayborne Harris March 31, 2004
Band that can play pretty damn good, but sucks too much to put in any vocals.
I downloaded the new Tortoise album 3 weeks before it came out.
by Clayborne Harris March 31, 2004
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