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People who bash A&F are so ignorant. These are the same people who call themselves non conformists but walk around in the same uniform wearing old heavy metal tees or all black complaiing about the "jocks" and "preps" who think they're better than everyone else. Give me a small break please. Your quest to be different has failed. Look around in your own pathetic cirle of friends... you're all the same... depressed kids who are antisocial, unconfident and enviouse of others. Maybe you losers are just a bit jelouse and insecure (not to mention unattractive and unpopular.

On another note...
A&F is't even that expensive but that's my opinion because I live in NYC where the cost of good living is very high and there are plenty of other stores where you can easily spend $300 to $400 bucks on a pair of jeans.
Abercrombie and Fitch basher #1 - I hate all those jocks and preps and blonde sluts that wear all the same overpriced shit.

Abercrombie and Fitch basher #2 - Yeah man I know what you mean. It's so not cool to take pride in your appearence, be good looking, like school, play sports and have money and friends... what losers.

by ClaudiaNyc July 16, 2006

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