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7 definitions by Claude Pfeffernuesse

An expletive, used at random, to denote astonishment to an astonishing event or utterance. Generally, but not necessairly, follow by an exclamation point. Used more in IM then in speech.
Orignally created by a sleep-deprived baker, it can be replaced by athanapples for the Moslem who whiches to exclaim astonisment.
You say the world is my oyster?! Well, that's just plain crazycakes!
by Claude Pfeffernuesse August 17, 2006
To speculate on a politician's health and wellness, especially in a democracy, in an attempt to breed public distaste and worry and to ruin his or her political career.
When Fidel Castro temporarily abdicated to undergo surgery, American media took the chance to continuously harrietjones him.
by Claude Pfeffernuesse August 15, 2006
A most delicious gingerbread cookie of German origin, generally eaten at Christmastime. From "pfeffer" pepper, and "nuesse" nuts.
I'll have some more pfeffernuesse please!
by Claude Pfeffernuesse March 25, 2007
Port-manteau of "apostrophe" (a constanly misused grammatical item) and "anathema" (something cursed or damned), used to indicate the misuse of an apostrophe.
"Employee's cannot open safe" is an apostronathema!
by Claude Pfeffernuesse April 01, 2007
Adverb to decribe doing something that is truncated. Abridged.
I posted the messages truncatedly on my blog.
by Claude Pfeffernuesse March 25, 2007
Any tea made from datura or other deliriant drug, causing severe memory lapses, or at the very least making memories inseparable from dreams.
That was a terrible work week! I'm going to have a nice cup of forget-me-tea and it'll be like it never happened.
by Claude Pfeffernuesse October 16, 2009
A backronym from WTF, used as the name for the Regional Health and Wellness Centre at the University of Lethbridge. Despite its attempts to capitalize on the risqueness of using the acronym for the centre, students have rather taken on the trend of saying "Witness the Fitness!" where social situations may not allow the word fuck, or comedy dictates more than simply WTF
Witness the fitness is with the name for that waste of money health centre?!
by Claude Pfeffernuesse October 08, 2006