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It is how a certain Neanderthalish man from Indiana feels, due to being 46 with no sexual experience...with woman.
Get a cork, Dont crapper on yourself John, just because I am too much woman for you...
by ClarrisaKnowsAll April 23, 2005
HAPPY 46th BIRTHDAY ..I hope you spend it on the CRAPPER, JOHN...whatever happens to you over there has absolutely NO effect on me over here..I figured that out last September 2004...When a door closes another opens..at least for me!!! haha... I am now engaged..I hope you have a very nice life...and a Wonderful Birthday with your mother....while she holds your hand on the - CRAPPER , JOHN.
Crapper John you look just like MoE from the 3 Stooges...I look just like Barbie now....you lose...hahahaaa
by ClarrisaKnowsAll April 23, 2005

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