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The practice of not drinking for the entire month of January -- staying "dry" -- usually in response to over-consumption during the holidays. Avoiding alcohol for the month can be seen as a form of New Year's resolution intended to cleanse the liver, promote a more healthy lifestyle, atone for sins of the past, etc. Drynuary usually results in an increase in seeing movies, drinking sparkling water in bars, and hanging out in diners drinking coffee on Saturday nights.

Usually followed by an ill-advised reentry into heavy boozing on February 1st without realizing how badly your tolerance has suffered.
1) After Holiday Party Season, my liver feels like I used it for a speedbag. Time to celebrate Drynuary!

2) Oh, man, I'm so hungover! Drynuary ended yesterday, so I got hammered on two beers.
by Clarence Rosario January 19, 2011
A more Continental variation of Drynuary, the practice of giving your liver a break after the ravages of the holidays. Literally, "Happy Winter Liver".

Like Ciao and Aloha, can be used as a salutation or goodbye.

Etymology: combination and play on the French word for Winter (hiver) and the booze-targeting organ (liver).
After mainlining Gloria Ferrer and Armagnac for all of December, it's time to say Bon L'(h)iver!

Bon L'(h)iver! I'll have a club soda with lime, please.
by Clarence Rosario January 21, 2011
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