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A slag. Used to be close with her till she chose boys over me. chloe is a girls name for a slag. Only thing good about her is probably the size of her boobs and that is probably the only reason boys like her tbh.

C- chooses boys over girls whenever she can
H- holla's at every boy that looks at her
L- Looses friends over boys all the time
O- only talks to fit boys not boys that are nice
E- everyone thinks she is a slag
Girl 1- heard about that new chloe?

Girl 2- if she is like the other slaggy chloes we have already i dont wanna know her dirty lil slag.
by ClaphamCordonK October 24, 2011
A girl that changes when boys are involved, someone i thought i could trust. Lucy is a typical girls name for a slag.

I used to like her. till she changed.

Im jealous of her. She gets all the boys becuase of the way she acts and her looks thats what makes me dislike her even more.

Go die Lucy.
girl 1- Look at lucy today!

girl 2 - shut the hell up shes just a flirt and deserves to die.
by ClaphamCordonK October 24, 2011

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