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3 definitions by ClaireKat

Psh is pretty similar to "Whatever" Some people prefer to use it over "whatever" Some people say it if in dissagreement.

Pronounced: "Push without a "U"
Claire "I ran a mile in 5 minutes"

Travis "Psh, no you didn't!"

Lea " Don't be so mean!"

Chris "Psh"

by ClaireKat June 13, 2008
Mhysically is just Mentally and physically put together. You can say mhysically when you're talking about physically and mentally.

(Pronounced: m-iz-a-call-le)
"Wow, he beats her mhysically!"/or he mhysically beats her!"
by ClaireKat June 13, 2008
A drr moment is when someone says something, and there's an awkward silence.
After that, there was a Drrr Moment.

by ClaireKat June 13, 2008