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2 definitions by Claidi

Twink speak is a language created by someone who wanted to be impressive, but failed. See also Thesaurus Thumping.
Auds- used as ears, Occulars- used as eyes, Audicles- used as ears, Orbs- used as eyes, Ocs- used as eyes, Pillars- used as legs, Tiers- used as lips, Shi- used to define the sex of a hermaphrodite, Hir- used to define the sex of a hermaphrodite, Cranium- used as head, Skull- used as head--- Among a host of others. If you wouldn't say it aloud when speaking to someone in public, don't use it in roleplay.
by Claidi February 24, 2005
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Whiny crossbreed of 80s metal and any number of other elements (rap, hip-hop, and occasionally classical music). Usually involves people wanting to slit their wrists and die as bloodily as possible because they hate the world and everyone in it. Nu-metallers can probably be found in every town in the western world. You will know them by their Slipknot/Korn/Limp Bizkit/System of a Down hoodies and black cloud over their head that comes from being 15 and their parents 'not understanding them'.
Nu Metal CD: How can I feel pain, how can I feel pain, when you're being so supportive? Aaaaarghghghgkkk...
Nu-Metal Kid: *mumblings of approval, devil horn fingers* This stuff is good.
Man: Please, for the good of humanity, get some Pantera or Metallica or Guns N' Roses or something.
by Claidi May 13, 2005
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