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(Adjective) - A category of person or organization that goes out of their way to avoid knowing or learning about something so as to avoid responsibility or duty to act.

Usually associated with someone who exhibits either a general lack of intellectural curiosity or just plain burned out in their careers so they don't even try to improve themselves. These individuals are motivated by a strong desire to be the opposite of the "go-to-guy" so as to discourage requests for help or challenging assignments.
Boy that Wally sure is "aggressively-ignorant"- when I asked for help he claimed to never have used the copier before - and he sits right next to it!
by Civilsavant April 04, 2011
(Noun) A large collection of degrees, certificates and awards on one's office or cubicle wall that are placed the in a pathetic attempt to cover a glaring lack of professional competency or adequacy.

Wally from Dilbert cube probably has every degree since high school, certificates from every seminar and Webinar he ever attended/watched - all in an attempt to "comb-over" the fact that he doesn't really know or do anything productive.
Have you seen Wally's cube? What an Intellectual Comb-Over! He even had his Presidential Certificate of Fitness from High School!
by CivilSavant March 17, 2011
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