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A piece of doo doo placed on a personal object to deter theft.
"The thief was deterred when he smelled the stench of my shit lock."

"Don't take that! It's been shit locked!"

"I forgot my bike lock, but luckely I never leave home without my shit lock."

"Some people hide their keys... I just put shit on things. That is a shit lock."
by Circus Freak January 09, 2010
A special hammer used for smashing the dingleberries off of your ass hairs.
"He pulled his ass hairs tight, and shattered his dingleberries to oblivion with his dingle hammer."

"In my line of work the dingle hammer is a usefull tool."

"If you use my dingle hammer you better clean it!"

"He accidently smashed his balls with the dingle hammer."
by Circus Freak January 10, 2010
A fecal bludgeon. (physically smashing somebody with your poop)
"If I don't have my money by friday I'm going to shit hammer you..."

"How do you like the smell of my shit hammer!?"

"Don't mess with him, he will shit hammer your life away."

"Nothing like a good 'ol fashion shit hammer for breakfast."
by Circus Freak January 10, 2010
(1) Someone who can find there way out of any shitty shitting situation using objects around them.

(2) Someone who can craft any handy tool out of nothing but their shit.
(1) While in Seville, Spain I shat in a public rest room. I later found out there was no toilet paper. Like any good shit macgyver, I wiped my ass with a trash bag the best available resource.

(1)Pooping with no lock in a public rest room can be tricky... a good shit macgyver would lock the door with his or her shoe lace.

(2) I was in dyer need of a philips head screwdriver. Good thing im an A CLASS Shit Macgyver.

(2) My friend is a natural born shit macgyver. He fixed my tooth ake with a swift finger of shit.
by Circus Freak January 10, 2010

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