11 definitions by Cipher

White person trying to be ghetto, or, mad unghetto black/latin person.
You see J.Weinstein man? That mofo's mad wanksta.
Yeah dawg, but hey, he tries.
Mothafucker, you wanksta too!
by cipher June 18, 2004
high grade pot, not the best but far from the worst.. any other slang uses only makes me laugh my head off
I just hoovered a bongload of killer dank.
by cipher August 06, 2003
A form of wordmarijuanaword in which the resin glands of THC are seperated from the plant product by a process called cold water extraction. This is by far the most potent kind of wordhashword or wordhashishword with THC percentage up to 27% compared to 3% thc in wordschwagword weed and 10% in worddankword
bubblehash fried my brain! full melt!
by cipher August 06, 2003
1. noun: A faggot/homosexual/gay person
Disgusting, those two qweers are kissing.
by Cipher September 19, 2004
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