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A detective show in the early 90's written by Stephen J. Cannell (a.k.a. the evil typewriter guy). The crimes in every show were refered to by the two lead detectives as "Silk Stalkings", or high classed sex-oriented crimes. Solving these crimes are Chris Lorenzo (played by Rob Estes) and Rita Lee Lance (played by Mitzi Kapture), whose tongue and cheek conversations throughout the show are the basis of Silk Stalkings' dialogue.
"Homicide on the cheating spouse and his lover. Looks like possible Silk Stalkings."
by Cinema_Toast_Crunch February 27, 2006
A 1995 softcore porn movie that centers around two women (Gina and Lindsay) who have nothing better to do with their free time than to masturbate.

GINA: I'm bored. What do you want to do, Lindsay?
LINDSAY: I know! Let's masturbate!
GINA: Great idea!
Playtime is a hot movie!
by Cinema_Toast_Crunch March 08, 2007

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