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A term New Orleans Saints fans use that was stolen from the Cincinnati Bengals who dey chant and changed slightly by unoriginal and lame fans.

A short history of the 2 chants:

1930s: Who Dat used in cartoons completely unfootball related.
1981: Bengals fans create Who Dey chant during Super Bowl season.
1982: LSU starts Who Dat chant in imitation of the Bengals chant.
1983: Saints steal Who Dat chant from LSU.
1. Anybody that claims the Saints used "who dat" before the Bengals used "who dey" is ignorant.
2. Who Dey > Who Dat
3. Bengals > Saints
4. The Saints should create their own chant instead of stealing another teams.
by CincyBengalsWhoDey September 27, 2006
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