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I live in sunny Florida where the public schools rank 50th in the nation and the public universities only thrive because the majority of public school grads can not get accepted to schools outside the state. I am 15 minutes from both Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach with combined populations of 5+ million yet we have one small petting zoo no phillharmonic and it takes hours to get anywhere. I have never heard anyone here speak about the shoe company that made it possible for the country to participate in WWI and WWII. Thats right the U.S. did not have enough boots and Endicott Johnson saved the day. The same E.J. that employed people through the depression. Then of course there are all the pilots that were saved when they practiced in the Link simulators before jumping into the cockpit. Thats right the entire simulation industry started in Binghamton, from fighter jets to the Apollo moon missions and even the shuttle program you have Ed Link to thank. Then there is Mr. Bundys time clock factory in Binghamton you may know it as I.B.M. The Engineering school and a lot of other things at B.U. are a direct result of Mr. Watsons love of the area and Big Blue. If you are from NYC or Long Island you can thank the farmers around Binghamton and the rail yards for your milk and icecream. I would love to live in Binghamton and when I retire I might just do that. In the mean time if you are there and you don't like it....leave.
Binghamton, a great place to live.
by CigarC.E.O June 24, 2012

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