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A Shinobi Wench Hammer is a move during sexual intercourse where the lights are turned out and the male rams the female from the darkness, so hard that she should climax upon landing. Usually performed towards the end of a sexual occurance as a pièce de résistance. It can be executed from infront or behind of a woman. If executed correctly from the rear, it may lead to a Wench Hammer Mudslide
...Silence... *scream of fright then pleasure* "You've just been Shinobi Wench Hammered baby, now lick this mudpie off my sack!"
by Ciderboi February 27, 2009
The result of a Shinobi Wench Hammer from the rear. This can lead to a woman defocating down the man's legs. The easiest way to deal with this is to get her to lick it off with your shinobi moves, or to ram her from the front during the Wench Hammer. Sometimes naming her foeces 'Victory Juice' may increase desire to be hygenically horny within the more sadistical types of female.
Guy 1: "Hey sorry for not getting back to you earlier, i had difficulties cleaning that Wench Hammer Mudslide from under my sack"
Guy 2: "You actually tried the Shinobi Wench hammer?... Gross"
by Ciderboi February 27, 2009
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