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Verb. The sexual act of steamrolling your partner then taking the fecal matter, blending it up and throwing it at a canvas. Once the canvas is prepped, the subjects will continue to have sex on the canvas. Fecal matter from both partners can be used to add a more textured effect.

Warning: Use goggles and safe sexual practices while performing this technique in the bedroom. Pink eye is a common side effect. In order to avoid this, the couple is recommended to wear eye protection such as goggles or safety glasses.
"I hear this piece was created using The Salvador Dali technique." - Art connoisseur

"Do you have your squash goggles?"
"Yeah they are in my closet downstairs. Why?"
"Were going to try The Salvador Dali Technique tonight, i have a bit of an art bug to pan out." - Piet Mondrean/One of many mistresses
by Chuckfrost September 08, 2011
Noun. The African American god of love and beauty. It was once told by the Nagrolyte's of a time long past a tale of a beautiful ebony woman. Her beauty was so overtaking and empowering that the African American men of Harlem upon a mere glance of Nagrodite's silky sensual skin would immediately try to have sexual intercourse with Nagrodite and any one else in the nearby vicinity. Upon realizing that nobody could ever have their way with Nagrodite, all of the African Americans who laid eyes on that beautiful skin were tainted by a viscous disease. The disease dictated that its inhabitant must have violent anal sex with his/her partner until they ejaculate their own testicles into their partners rectum. Some unlucky carriers of the disease did not have a partner close by, or at all for that matter. In this case these men would excessively masturbate on innocent bystanders until they completely ripped their penises off. After this activity, the body would somehow find its way home and curl up in bed waiting to be retrieved by authorities. Females who found Nagrodite attractive were often found skewered, hanging by their vagina's in a nearby tree worthy of supporting their weight. Some believe this was because the amount of sexual stimulation induced by girl on girl action caused the victims to go into an out of control sexual hysteria leading them to have coitus with the hardest key that would fit the lock.
"Damn! that niggorette is lookin' fine today! Oh wait, thats Nagrodite!" (chases after Nagrodite) - Harlem Resident

"This girl was so beautiful that even Nagrodite would lose her mind." - Anonymous
by Chuckfrost September 06, 2011
Noun. A tooth which grew in horizontally, as well as backwards. Essentially the tooth is pointing towards the uvula and rendered useless in functionality. Dentists find this particular type of deformity difficult to deal with as the patient must undergo intense multiphase surgery to have these corrected. The root of a naggletooth is the reason for such extensive surgery. In most cases the root will grow on the side of the jaw rather than into the regular socket. The oral surgeon must cut the root and create a new socket for the correction to take hold in the jaw.
"YO! check that niggas Naggletooth! Negro belongs in the freak museum." - New Jersey Resident

"Unfortunately we have revealed a new Naggletooth growing in on your upper jaw. Surgery is required." - Random dentist
by Chuckfrost September 08, 2011
Verb. The ancient practice of pulling ones rectum inside out, and getting a four legged mammal to lick it clean. Due to the inefficient hygiene practices of the early seventeen hundreds, many residents of the Ottoman Empire died due to mismanaged Proctitis and rabies cases. Some historians believe that it may have been this very practice that single handedly lead to the collapse of the ottoman empire in 1908.
"Im due for my next Rexanthropy session." - Eager Ottoman
by Chuckfrost September 08, 2011
Is an Acolyte which studies the social and cultural characteristics of prehistoric Nagro tribes. A Nagrolyte would be involved in performing and preserving ancient Nagro rituals from all faucets of their existence. Many different branches of the field are still in practice today. Some branches include prehistoric migration patterns corresponding directly with mass mating habits, Pre-homo hibilis evolution, Serengeti Socioeconomic patterns, and Nagros vs Negros: Who has the dice game biattttchhh?!!!

See also: Acolyte, Nagro, Homo hibilis, Evoution, KFC, Grape cool-aid, Barter system, Holy !@#$ that's a lion!, super-dark skinnned negros are dangerous, Be my nigga not a my nigger, Cult like activity, Charles Manson.
"You'd think that nigga were a nagrolyte the way he eat dat chicken!"
"God damn nagrolytes have a club for rolling dice, ain't no brothers bring home the big shots"
"What the !@#$ you getting all exorcist up in this biatch?!"
by Chuckfrost September 06, 2011
Adjective. Used to describe a short coming.

See also: niggle (noun)
"God Damn i ain't gonna get nigglesworth out of this lottery ticket" - Hood Nigga

"Man your bro is not even nigglesworthy of anything." - Middle Class African American Student

"Can i get a HEYYYOOO!" - Hip Hop Artist
"heyyo." - Uninteresting crowd

"Man you niggas barely even putting in a nigglesworth amount of effort into dat. Let me hear you say HEYYOO!" - Hip Hop Artist
by Chuckfrost September 06, 2011
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