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2 definitions by ChuckNorrisOnUrbanDictionary

The way fucktards spell douche.
props to the one guy who correctly people from saying dush
If you spell it douch, you are a real douchebag
by ChuckNorrisOnUrbanDictionary January 15, 2007
1. Something that should never be used 2. When an awkward moment occurr, you place one hand face down in the air. Carely(very carefully) place you second hand on top of the first facing the same way. Your thumbs should now be on opposite sides and you wiggling them in a forward position when the awkward moment happens. By that point, you should probably walk away from whatever you are doing.
Bruce lee:Yeah, last week, i was taking a piss and i realized i had a wart on my penis.
ChuckNorris: I would do the awkward turtle, but im chuck norris and I'm way too cool for that and it reminds of this one fat annoying girl from high school.
by ChuckNorrisOnUrbanDictionary January 15, 2007