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2 definitions by Chuck80

When a forum member intentionally references Nazis or Hitler to close a thread, the forum member concedes any right to continue the thread, but the thread is not considered closed.
User1: Absolutely ridiculous. You know who else had a special police force that jailed their citizens for disagreeing with them? That's right. The Nazi party.
User2: I'm calling Godwin's Exception. The Godwin's Corollary only functions when you mean it. You're clearly trying to short circuit the conversation.
by Chuck80 March 08, 2012
The action of thinking about two different subjects or ideas while attempting to communicate, usually resulting in communications failures.
Person A: I just hit a deer.

Person B (Thought 1): Did it have antlers? That would be a buck.
Person B (Thought 1): I hope you avoided getting hurt. I probably would have ducked.

Person B: Was it a duck?

Person A: No, but I wish it was.

Person A: I'm sorry, I was split braining there.
by Chuck80 December 06, 2011