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When you pull out and go all over a girls tits, they resemble cinnabunns.
Yo i wasnt tryin to get her pregnant so i gave her the cinna bun when i was done.
by Chuck Toof February 22, 2005
A ragin cajun is when you and your partner eat loads of gumbo and or shrimp creol or anything else from the bayou (perhaps on a nice dinner), then have a projectile shit fest all over each other and then sop it up with bread slices and eat it like a snack
baby, ready set aim, sssssssssshhhhhhhhpppppppppllllat, hey give me the bread.


Jim: how was the date last night
Cajun Man: Oh it was great Sonya and I gave each other a raging cajun, you should see my fucking drycleaners face
by Chuck toof January 06, 2006
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