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The video game system from the '80s that owns your ass!! Smarter than your av-er-age Atari 2600.
Dude, this Intellivision is the fucking bomb!! Burgertime 0wnz j00r a55!
by Chuck Whitby November 14, 2002
The happy happy smoke, marijuana, endo, trees.
"Dude, I need to score some tree spot."
by Chuck Whitby November 06, 2002
The sexxiest cannuck this side of Sendai, Japan
Fuck, neogeoman totally p1mped that dev hardware like a fucking masta'
by Chuck Whitby June 03, 2003
Having multiple diamonds on your person. ice
It was my baby's birthday, so I frosted up her wrist all nice like.
by Chuck Whitby November 06, 2002
Acronym for "Fuck off and Die", used by 31337 m07h3rfuck3rs like m3!
"STFU, FOAD, kthx."
by Chuck Whitby December 02, 2002
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