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Despite the the very specific directions you have been given, and despite the fact that the very extensive project is nearly completed, the client decides that it is flawed irreparably and you must pretty much start over. Oh, and it's not their fault that they gave you improper guidance from the get-go. You obviously are an untalented hack and incapable of reading minds. What kind of "creative" person can't read minds? Hack ...

The term comes from the "This is Spinal Tap" scene in which Angelica Huston presents an 18" Stonehenge monument to Ian because he wrote the directions on a cocktail napkin and wrote " for "inches" instead of ' for "feet".
Agency CD:

"Why did you make that tag verbal and not sung?"


"You told us to do that in our meeting and you wrote it on this napkin that I'm holding right here. This one in my hand, the one that has your handwriting on it that says "make the tag verbal"

Agency CD:

"Fuck the napkin"
by Chuck Lindo June 08, 2009
What actually is happening when some people think they are mutitasking. Often involves long periods of silence or saying "uuuummm" on the phone with manic keyboard tapping in the background.
"Due to the front desk assistant's multifailing, I was put to the wrong voicemail twice"
by Chuck Lindo June 16, 2007
The latent condition lurking within motorists that bounds to the fore any time even two drops of rain fall. Drivers suffer a spontaneous loss of understanding regarding friction, momentum, and inertia.
In my rearview mirror I see a car sliding toward me with its bakes locked, the driver of which is clearly suffering from dehydrated retardation. Boom.
by Chuck Lindo October 22, 2010
Periodic dementia brought on by excessive alcohol consumption in social environments.
You talk to somebody at a party at length about life, the universe, and everything. Weeks later you see the same person again in "normal" life, you can't remember a thing you said or talked about, or even if you've ever met at all. The only lingering sensation is one of embarrassment from the possibility that you mispronounced the word "lambatse" multiple times. This is a symptom of Alcoholzheimer's Disease. See a doctor.
by Chuck Lindo August 30, 2009

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