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The epitome of forfeiture.

These people are completely void of any common sense and contradict each others ideas/actions on a daily basis despite having "Divine" in their name. Some of these people have been abused mentally or physically and need to vent their frustration on others with extreme tunnel vision or by being severely biased.
Legaloss from Divine Forces had some Corruption members wrongfully banned on RSC because of his sexual frustration issues. Hopefully, Darkmafia can use his manpowers and please him.
#losers #wanna-bes #sad #1itemers #run2mossies
by Chuck Hog February 07, 2007
A pyramid scheme that based its self on the internet and used mass homosexual intercourse with senior citizens as currency. They have a extreme dislike toward females.

Many members of this group had secret meetings where they voided their bowels into a large cauldron and worshiped it like a god.

Later after the group disbanded due to mass populairty from their rituals in a short time, people decided to use the word to describe "noob" as it all started from the interweb.
1. Supermesses shrunk my organ 3 inches!

2. Supermesses you are a noob.
#lame #grandma #senior citizens #bingo night #tooth decay
by Chuck Hog November 28, 2006
To perform anal sex with no less then 3 men and no more then 10 men. All partners wear green hides and weild fake weaponary(made out of tinfoil or plastic) from the medieval ages. Then will prance for hours before actually haveing the anal sex.
Stupid losers calling us Chivalry Legions!...I think we should goku nazz to let off the steam guys.
#drammaqueen #gay sex #retarded #chivalry legions #homo
by Chuck Hog October 11, 2006
A known word in MMORPGS which is mostly used as sarcasm to describe a overwhelming massive amount of noobs

The word is also sometimes used to insult clans, which they mean you are a 1 iteming noob who can not accept defeat and willing to do what ever it takes to bring the win home, no matter what even if it means to make one self look like a no honor clan.
Wow, NI really has some competition with Chivalry Legions ! It is better off we stick to our own timezones this time, that way we only fight people who actually wear a full rune set.
#losers #liers #hypocrites #cheaters #noobs
by Chuck Hog October 06, 2006
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