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Alias that is used by criminals who call large corporations claiming to test the phones and requests to be transferred to long extensions, when in reality he is making fraudulent calls to the middle east. This criminal will call several times and does not seem to be very intelligent.
Chuck - Good Evening, this is Chuck Bruce with technical. We are testing the high and low frequencies on the lines this evening, have you been having any problems with your phone?

Jon Doe - Nope.

Chuck - Alright, I need you to transfer me to this extension. Do you have a pen and paper? The extension is long so you should write it down.

Jon Doe - Sure

Chuck - Alright, the number is 011 *** *** ****

Jon Doe - That's an international number and its for the middle east! Are you a terrorist?

Chuck - (sound of phone being abruptly hung up)
by Chuck Bruce with Technical August 03, 2006

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