10 definitions by Chuck D. Bones

When a man lays his pecker in a woman's pussy so that his balls are on her Taint and his Firehat is on her Joy Button. Then he grabs her lips and stretches them around the shaft of his pecker like a taco shell.
James' mom & I made sausage tacos last Friday. They were HOT!
by Chuck D. Bones June 02, 2013
Similar to a wino, a tequilo is a a person who drinks tequila to excess at the expense of all that is dear to him/her. Tequilos are usually homeless, penniless and foul-smelling, however some inhabit hotel bars. Tequilos are a cut above winos because they at least have the discretion to drink tequila instead of Thunderbird, even if it's cheap tequila.
Man: "Bro, gimme a dollar so I can get another bottle of Cuervo Gold."
Other Man: "Shit, Dude, you are some kind of tequilo."
by Chuck D. Bones January 07, 2014
Noun - A small vibrator designed to stimulate a woman's clitoris or "Joy Button".
Diane twitched uncontrollably when I placed the Joy Buzzer on her Joy Button.
by Chuck D. Bones September 17, 2009

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