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1 definition by Chryseis

A Progressive. (See Progressive 1,3.4.5 )

An affectionate nickname for one's Progressive friends, or for progressive attributes such as integrity, reasonability, and kindness.
"If Paul says he doesn't know what happened, he doesn't. He's a proggie --you can trust him."

To a younger sibling: "Sounds like your so-called friends have been using you. See if you can get some proggies in your life --they're not out to get over on everyone."
To a frantic victim of RWNJ media, promoting the benefits of letting people die for lack of health-care: "Sorry, but you've happened upon a proggie stronghold here. We live in --and care about --this world, not some RWNJ fantasy-land."
by Chryseis December 02, 2012
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