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A president that most idealistic, younger, or older and artsy view as moronic. The sad truth is that these people know more about hip hop and punk than the actual issues facing our nation. With unemployment at a near perfect natural rate (4.8% if any of you even taken upper level economics in college let alone attended at all) he has taken a dwindling economy that was on a down turn before 9-11 and further in trouble there after and made it prosperous for those who have potential to achieve. Most people who have posted here feel that they could run this country fine, however the sad truth is that these people have low income jobs, little motivation, and feel that other countries are far superior to the United States, ignoring the superiority of the country in every way. When you see these people who call a man who graduated from Yale, and is the first President to have an MBA (from Harvard no-less, and not some English degree which any idealistic idiot can attain and has no relevance in the real world), ask them who the speaker of the house is, or who the senate minority leader is, odds are they don't know because they are young skulls of mush who jumped on the bash bush bandwagon because they are impressionable and watch MTV and BET more than read and watch news media while making intelligent observations and thus coming to their own realization rather than taking the word of a media that is mostly liberal (former English emo college geeks.)
Anyone who has taken a basic economics class can tell you that George Bush's economic policy has been widely successful. Get off your butts turn off MTV and learn the facts...
by Christopher Tegner August 05, 2006
Closed-minded kids who know more about obscure garage bands than who won the World Series or NCAA championship last year. These people stick to their own clichés and rarely participate in sports, work out or exercise, hang out at clubs, or listen to anything with musical talent. Indie dudes become English teachers and corrupt young minds with liberal propaganda, while indie chicks usually become art teachers b/c of their irrelevant academic concentrations. Indie kids usually are very pale as they like the emoish white skin weird clothes look.
Indie kid: "what are you listening to? it's horrible!"

Normie: "umm its the Rolling Stones"

Indie kid: "well im off to philosophy club then off to the diner to smoke 2 packs of cigarettes and discuss City of the Caterpillar’s song meanings."

Normie: "I'll be at my frat house till late"

Indie kid: "I feel uncomfortable in those places"
by Christopher Tegner August 05, 2006
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