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Someone who brakes his or her car for no apparent reason. This person could be driving in front of you, or, God help you, may be the driver of the car in which you are currently driving.
TOM: (yelling out the window of his car) Hey! What are you braking for? There's nothing in front of you! Come on! Move it!
SAM: Tom, he's just a random braker, dude. His first instinct is to brake. They suck...
by Christophe Graham July 19, 2006
Farting and the like while sitting on the toilet desperate to dump, and dump well...
Tom: Yo, dude I just went to take a dump, but all that came out were farts and squeaks..
Steve: Ah, you were making the toilet music, dude.
by Christophe Graham July 23, 2006
To Use Extreme martial arts in a fit of anger to neutrilize an enemy.
Todd: Yo, dude. I heard you got in a fight over a chick last night.
Chris: Yeah, I beat his ass...totally Matrixed him. I needed to Matrix someone.
by Christophe Graham June 20, 2006
Person who is inept at everything he or she does. To be in the same room with these people is to be stupider in every sense of the word. These "oxygen eaters" are born, eat, poop, and die, while serving no purpose at all except to eat my oxygen.
TOM: Yo, is that Stevie over there? Man o' man, is that guy
a waste of space or what?
SAM: Yeah. Stevie is a real oxygen eater all right.
Completely useless...
by Christophe Graham August 01, 2006
To pretend to be something your entire life (amid suspicion that you are in some way hiding something or are out and out lying), and then have your true feelings and beliefs revealed by simply adding alcohol.
TOM: (drunkenly) You know what Sam? Yer a fuckin' jerk and
I've always thought so...ya bastard. (hic) Eat shit...
SAM: Whoa! What was that? Just yesterday, you told me I
was your best friend. You are totally pulling a Mel
on me.
TOM: (hic) That's right, bitch. I'm gonna pull a Mel on
you. A drunk man's word's are a
sober man's thoughts. I hate you...
by Christophe Graham July 31, 2006
A friend or foe who is habitually drunk in your presence, or anyone else's for that matter. He is ALWAYS the drunkest person in the room.
Tom: Oi, here comes Sam, and that dope is already three sheets to the wind.
Joe: Yo Sam! Yer fuckin' pathetic dude!
Sam: That's no way to address Sir drinks a lot!
Tom: Whatever, assmunch
by Christophe Graham July 23, 2006
To be:
(1) So hard up for sex that you'll even bang a pretty-boy..
(2) Strangely drawn to a man due to his feminity
Tom: I think I'm having an Attack of the Brokeback. Yo,
lemme buy you a drink...what's yer name?
Sam: Sam...but no thanks, dude, 'cause yer definitely
having an Attack of the Brokeback.
by Christophe Graham July 17, 2006

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