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When two bros take this oath they are bound together as wingmen for the agreed upon time. Once every so often two bros will agree to become wingmen for like. This oath should not be taken lightly, if a bro should break the oath he will considered dead to the other bro. The oath must be taken while resting your left hand on the bro code or an iphone with the bro code app.
Bro 1:"We have been bros a long long time I think we're ready to take the Wingman's oath."

Bro 2:"Agreed"

Bro 3: " I'll be the witness"

*Both Bros lay their left hand on a copy of the bro code (without touching)*

Bros 1 & 2: "In brightest day, in blackest night

No Wingman shall escape my sight

Let those who worship cockblock's plight

Beware my power, Wingman's Might!

Bro 3: "(Names of bro 1& 2) Do you swear to this oath of moment?"

Bros 1 & 2: "We do so swear"
by ChristmasLoken December 25, 2010

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