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Sex gods who made great music and great television.Davy Jones, Micky Dolenz, Peter Tork and Mike Nesmith. Sexy.
I love the Monkees. They are sex gods.
by Christine July 16, 2004
1. Good band music played in a saturn ion commercial
2. Band that needs to play all ages shows
Me: Do you like the walkmen?
Them: The Walkmen?
Me: You know the saturn ion commerical.
Them: OH.
Me: Well they are comming to
chicago again but I can't go see them because I am only 15.
by Christine November 08, 2003
When you're giving a guy a head and he insists on thrusting.
Rob skull-fucked me so hard last night.
by christine December 15, 2004
a person's best friend
Zak and Christine are the best biffles alive.
by Christine February 08, 2005
Elbow Skin
"when bill extends his arm his weiness gets all wrinkled up"
by Christine January 08, 2004
A pet name for the person you love and want to fuck.
I want to do you all night long, Fuckmuffin.
by Christine February 15, 2004
a coward; a sissy; a pussy
Man, just jump! Dont be such a quakebuttock
by Christine February 18, 2005
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