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Wild enthusiam which is both inappropriate and false. Fake hustle is usually produced in the face of failure, fear, or extreme boredom. It is easily noticeable at speeches by Fidel Castro and Kim Jong-il and at corporate marketing retreats. Fake hustle also plays a prominent role in sports, where it is used to conceal basic incompetence.
Sprinting back to the dugout after a strike out is a wonderful example of fake hustle.
by Christie Malre April 20, 2008
A last minute plea for mercy. This phrase is usually uttered seconds before an inevitable beat-down or an encounter with overwhelming force which has usually been asked for by over-the-top behavior on the part of the victim.
(First uttered by Univerity of Florida college student Andrew Meyer just before he was tasered by University of Florida police during a John Kerry appearance at UF.)
"When I finally caught my little brother and administered a much-deserved noogie, he kept yelling 'Don't tas me bro!' while screaming like a little girl."
by Christie Malre September 24, 2007

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