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3 definitions by Chrisf

A chicken-fried sister
Don'tcha be comin' round here talken to mah chister no more now, ya'hear?
by Chrisf June 19, 2006
1. Non-possesive spelling of the Robek's juice-smoothie cafes.

2. Slang for muscular male who does a lot of "juicing," ie. uses steroids heavily, but denies it when questioned. "Ro" alludes to robot or machine (see Arnold Schwarzenneger as The Terminator);
Dave: You seen how big Mike's gotten? Must have put on 50 pounds of muscle...

Chris: Yeah, but how'd he do that in three months

Dave: He says that all he did was train naturally all summer.

Chris: Bullshit..., that guy's been using more juice than Robek's.

That "Robek"-mutha fucka trying to play it off like its just normal growth
by ChrisF April 14, 2005
Guy who got paid 50 million and was supposed to have a new season of Chapelle Show in 2005. Then he gets sick and his writers quit to work on other shows.

Chapelle hires new writers, but then he judges new material unamusing. Months pass and now, even the dumbest audience members are wondering how Chapelle could have lost momentum.

He comes back to a slightly disappointed audience
Lakers were up by 20 points. But, they must have drank some kinda Dave Chapelle sports-drink 'cause they let the Pacers come back and then just barely won in overtime.
by ChrisF April 20, 2005