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2 definitions by ChrisTrauma

When cheese bings (fried cheese balls) are left at an empty table at a bar, becoming a community snack. May have mysterious flavors added to them. Made famous at New-CI (formerly OCI), Knoxville.
Cameron noticed that his poop very much resembled the "sneeze bings" he ate the night before in both size and color.
by ChrisTrauma August 23, 2011
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The act of giving or receiving squirts of "Mio" flavoring into one's beer. This is the evolution of Icing someone and most commonly results in a beer shower for the giver.
Although he was "gettin flaved", it took Drew a half hour before he even realized. Apparently he was pretty used to drinking berry pomegranate yeungling.
by ChrisTrauma December 13, 2011
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