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The Phantom Dumptaker is an elusive being that leaves its dump in the bathroom stall without flushing. The Phantom Dumptaker may leave his/her mark on public or private toilets with little or no consequence. Unfortunately funding for the war against the Phantom Dumptaker's terror is being used for the war on regular, non-Dumptaking terror.
Gerald: *Opens Stall* AVAST! I have fallen victim to the Phantom Dumptaker's Phantom Dumptakery!

Jeane: *Runs out of bathroom crying* OMFG some one left a disfigured baby in the toilet!!
Lisa: What Color was it ?!?
Jeane: *Sniff Sniff* Greenish Brown
Lisa: You have been hoodwinked by the Phantom Dumptaker!!!!!
Jeane:*Sniff* AVAST!

by Chris-G-Anity September 19, 2008
A “Ball Tucker” refers to a male who places their scrotum as well as penis between their legs as to hide their crotch bulge in order to look more like a woman. This term is usually reserved for drag queens, transsexuals, cross dressing heterosexuals, and perhaps the mentally unstable.
Adam: Hey, what do you think about this pink feather boa with sequins
Jonah: Dude, you're such a ball tucker

Glitter Sparklez (the Stripper): Hey there, would you like a lap dance
Jason:*turns to Bobby* hey man what do you think?
Bobby: Abort, Abort, this one is totally a ball tucker, ABORT!
by Chris-G-Anity July 31, 2008
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