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Humphrey Bogart smoked all those cigarettes. He died from lung cancer. When you hang onto a joint and let it burn without sharing, you look like Bogart with his perennial smoke dangling from his lips. The term had no popularity until it became a hit song in the 1970's.
Don't Bogart That Joint
Lyrics: Lawrence Wagner
Music: Elliot Ingber

Played by Little Feat's Paul Barrere and Bill Payne with Phil & Friends. The original verson (on the soundtrack of "Easy Rider") was by Fraternity Of Man. It was subsequently covered by Little Feat.

Don't bogart that joint my friend
Pass it over to me
Don't bogart that joint my friend
Pass it over to me

Roll another one
Just like the other one
You've been holding on to it
And I sure will like a hit


Roll another one
Just like the other one
That one's burned to the end
Come on and be a real friend


by Chris Zizzo April 21, 2008
A board, usually footed by side boards, thus creating a low table, under which a man slides his naked body. Centered in the top board will be some variant of a hole through which he will insert his erect penis and his testicles. This creates a "dancefloor" for a woman who will stand on, crush and otherwise torture the exposed and vulnerable organs, often while wearing stiletto heels.
What a night! I was in the cockbox for over two hours and Mistress showed me no mercy. I can't even pee today. It was great!
by Chris Zizzo July 27, 2010
The act of trampling a penis, either in a cockbox or on the floor or some other flat surface. Also, standing on the penis while trampling a man.
Mistress likes to do her cockstepping in 10 inch platforms. It's brutal on my little guy!
by Chris Zizzo July 28, 2010
Something of questionable moral value which has had a veneer of acceptability applied so that it no longer offends at any level, even though it's morality value has not been changed.
The big corporations turned Vegas into a family friendly playground, but even though the goombahs are gone and the shows are all Disneyfied, the town is still all about gambling, booze and hookers.
by Chris Zizzo February 07, 2008
This goes beyond deep throat and way past your tricky dick. When the entire sword has been swallowed, one manually pulls open each cheek in order to insert the two orbs, thus orally encasing the entire baby-making mechanism. The advantage for aficionados of deep penetration is that once the globes are inside, two to three more inches of manliness can be thrust forward. Just be careful not to run out of air because disengaging takes a moment and panic could ensue.
She had all my junk in and then she grabbed my ass and took me deep. The thing about a plum job like that is, if she could have forced her tongue out, she would have been rimming me at the same time!
by Chris Zizzo July 13, 2008
In any physical work environment where workers wear tool belts and occasionally remove them, this phrase is a call to arms (or to re-arm).
OK boys, break's over. Tool up!
by Chris Zizzo August 14, 2006
A forbidden term, now known as "the SB word". It is being replaced by "The Big Game", particularly in commercials for products you might enjoy while watching the game on TV. Of course, if a small retail store would like to leave a million dollar tribute at the feet of the NFL president, then the taboo gets magically lifted.
"Hey Mom, stop on down to Bill's Bakery for a football shaped ice cream cake, perfect for your Superbowl party . . ."

ERRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAOOOWWWW! "Assume the position! You're under arrest for copyright infringement!"

"No, no, I meant "the Big Game! Please, I have a family!"
by Chris Zizzo February 03, 2008

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