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Another version of "being cruel to be kind". To show somebody some tough love today will save them heartache in the future but may cause a small amount of upset for the reciever immediately after the "Tough Love" has been dispensed. They would suffer more if you let them get on with their life with no interference from third parties.
Leo-"I'm gonna ask that girl out on a date"
Chris-"You'd be wasting your time, you are ugly, overweight and suffer severely from B.O. and thats just your good points, take it from me, she will reject you, maybe not straight away, perhaps she will rinse your bank account first, but you have no future with that girl, I'm sorry mate the writing is on the wall"
Leo-"Harsh words, but priceless advice, I guess thats what they call tough love"
Chris-"It sure is, look it up on the Urban dictionary, on second thoughts, you better not"
#tough #love #cruel to be kind #heartache #long term
by Chris VG May 09, 2007
Feeling miserable, snappy and irritable, mainly a condition suffered by girls on a Sunday evening.
Chris-"Karen Do you want to go for a drink"
Karen "No Thanks, I'm feeling Miserable, snappy and irritable"
Chris "Ratty Bitch"
#rattie #rattee #ratty #miserable #girls
by Chris VG April 15, 2007
A phrase offered to people (mainly lazy females) that regularly fail to reply to SMS text messages in favour of waiting until the next time you see each other.
Chris-Did you get that text I sent you?
Karen-Yes, i've been meaning to talk to you about that.
Chris-Cat got your fingers?
#sms #lazy #fingers #cat #karen
by Chris VG April 25, 2007
The art of getting your photo taken with a non-willing participant, usually a member of the opposite sex or a celebrity that is far too busy to be posing with people like YOU.
Big Gay AL-"Hey look, there's David Beckham trying not to get noticed"
Chris-"Go and pester him for an autograph"
Big Gay Al-"He won't be up for that"
Chris-"Well go and stand next to him for a swift One Way Photo, you can be out of his way before he even knows you're there"
#photo #pest #pester #autograph #swift
by Chris VG June 04, 2007
The Combination of fingers, thumbs, teeth, pressure and patience required to relieve a woman of her Bra.
Chris-Fancy adding that Bra to my floordrobe?
Karen-Do it yourself, it would be sexier.
Chris-But you know I always struggle with the clasp.
Karen-It's about time you mastered the Bra Code.
#floordrobe #bra #code #bracode #undress
by Chris VG April 25, 2007
An expression offered by a friend when he knows that he has spent the night with a girl of below average looks/intelligence or above average weight.
It is often due to the fact that they are in the middle of a dry spell and merely need something to tide them over until something more appetising comes along.
Chris-"Please tell me you didn't get your nuts in with that fatty from the club last night"
Bowler-"Well, yes I did, I'm going through bit of a dry spell at the moment you see, and after all, A man's gotta eat"
#fatty #dry spell #expression #eat #weight
by Chris VG June 07, 2007
The shout given when, during a vigorous session of Love Making, the quilt is flung from the bed to the floor, one, or more of the partaking Love Makers are then compelled to shout "Man Over Board" and all sex is put on hold until the quilt is recovered and replaced over the combatants.
Karen-Man Over Board.
Chris-"I ain't moving until you get down there and get him back.
Karen-I'm on my way.
#bed #sex #session #making love #quilt
by Chris VG April 27, 2007
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